Por Miguel Barella, em 7 December 2006

philip sherburne


May 18, 2005

Listening to the opening track from Man Recordings’ Não Wave compilation of Brazilian new wave and post-punk, it’s easy to believe that in the 1980s, the phaser had the same kind of globalizing power that the snare roll does today. Agentss’ “Agentes” plows through gelatinous chords that echo the Cure’s Seventeen Seconds or Faith, thanks to the whooshing of the guitar pedal. (Why did people love phasing so much in the ‘80s? Was it the way it tinges everything smog-colored and slightly seasick that echoed the Reaganomic mood?)

The song is way weirder than just some Cure imitation, though, and not only for the half-spoken/half-yelped lyrics or the C3PO vocoding (funny that Fluxblog heard, instead, R2D2). Just check the Doors-like organ breakdown after the bridge. These cats weren’t grey; more like gothadelic, and totally “louco”.

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